Jae Nyoung Kim

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An efficient and novel two step synthetic procedure to prepare various substituted 3H,3'H-spiro[benzofuran-2,1'-isobenzofuran]-3,3'-diones A, was established from very simple and easily available starting materials. The developed method is a robust and general approach for the synthesis of these structures. The prepared compounds were tested against(More)
A series of KRIBB3 analogs were synthesized by modifying substituents at aryl moieties of KRIBB3 for examining structure-activity relationships, and their inhibitory activities on microtubule polymerization were evaluated. The presence of free phenolic hydrogens in aryl moieties of KRIBB3 analogs plays an important role in inhibition of microtubule(More)
For developing intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) chemosensors for low pH values, 2-{2-[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-6-methyl-4H-pyran-4-ylidene}malononitrile (DPM) was designed and synthesized. The spectroscopic and pH-sensing properties of DPM were investigated by UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy. This sensor exhibited a pH-dependent ratiometric(More)
Palladium-catalyzed domino reactions coupled with carefully designed substrates allow for rapid establishment of complex molecules. In particular, tandem carbon carbon bond formations through a palladium-catalyzed Heck/arylation cascade are important in that complex molecules can be directly constructed in a single operation. Interor intra-Heck reactions(More)
[reaction: see text] We have investigated the olefin metathesis from alkenyl Baylis-Hillman adducts using second-generation Grubbs catalyst. In the experiment, the ring-closing metathesis (RCM) product could not be found, while the cross-metathesis (CM) products were found. The computational studies provided consistent explanations for the experimental(More)
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