Jae-Myung Yoo

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The scale of nano objects requires very precise position determination. The state-of-the-art manipulators involve accurate nanometer positioning. This paper presents the design of a capacitive displacement sensor for a nanopositioning application. The challenges of designing a capacitor sensitive to nanometer movements that fits in the area of a few hundred(More)
Efficient downscaling in a transcoder is important when the output video should be converted to a lower resolution video. In this paper, we present a fast MPEG-4 simple profile (SP) to H.264 transcoder with reducing spatial resolution from CIF to QCIF video format. Based on frame image characteristics and motion information in MPEG-4 decoder, we limit(More)
The Dynamic Impact Testing and Calibration Instrument (DITCI) is a simple instrument with a significant data collection and analysis capability that is used for the testing and calibration of biosimulant human tissue artifacts. These artifacts may be used to measure the severity of injuries caused in the case of a robot impact with a human. In this paper we(More)
Our life has many electronic products and its use getting increase sharply in the future. For this reason, importance of semiconductors packaging technology with small size, multi function has been a steady increase every day. So flip chip interconnection technology to satisfy the requirements is realized very important technology by many researchers and(More)
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