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Effects of Forest Fire on Soil Nutrients Dynamics
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In Vivo and in Vitro Conversion of Teasterone to Typhasterol in Cultured Cells of Marchantia polymorpha
Identification by full-scan GC-MS revealed that [2H6]teasterone fed to suspension cultured cells of Marchantia polymorpha was converted to [ 2H6]3-dehydroteasterone and [2H6]typhasterol. ThisExpand
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Identification of 24α-methylsterols from Marchantia polymorpha
The feeding experiment using isotope-labeled inter-mediates and molecular genetic analyses of BR-deficientmutants revealed that CS (1) and BL (2) are biosynthesizedfrom 24α-methylcholesterolExpand
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Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on growth and leaf litter decomposition of Quercus acutissima and Fraxinus rhynchophylla
The atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) level is expected to increase substantially, which may change the global climate and carbon dynamics in ecosystems. We examined the effects of an elevatedExpand
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The Decomposition of Leaf Litters of Some Tree Species in Temperate Deciduous Forest in Korea I. Losses in Dry Weight of Leaf Litter
Losses in the dry weight of leaf litter from six tree species were studied during 16 months on the forest floor in temperate deciduous forest of Mt. Cheonma in the vicinity of Seoul in Korea by usingExpand
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Branch Wood Decomposition of Tree Species in a Deciduous Temperate Forest in Korea
Woody debris, which is supplied by branch litter, is an important component of forest ecosystems as it contains large quantities of organic matter and nutrients. We evaluated changes in branch woodExpand
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Studies on the Microbial Population and the Amylase Activity of the Forest Soil
Soil condition, total number of bacteria, soil amylase activity and microbial biomass were measured at soil of different forest types. And the difference of the allelopathic effect was determinedExpand
Effects of simulated acid rain on microbial activities and litter decomposition
We assayed the effects of simulated acid rain on the mass loss, CO2 evolution, dehydrogenase activity, and microbial biomass-C of decomposing Sorbus alnifolia leaf litter at the microcosm. The diluteExpand
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Early Stage Decomposition of Emergent Macrophytes
This study examined the decomposition of blades and culms of aquatic emergent plant species, Zizania latifolia, Phragmites communis and Typha angustata, which were the most frequent in Lake Paldang.Expand