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As the wireless communication networks are distributed in the wide areas and the use of portable terminals is getting popular, the mobile computing technologies are being developed rapidly. Moreover, in most electricity power corporations, the GIS (Geographic Information System) database system had been established so as to connect repair works with(More)
The smart grid which is called the future power system should satisfy the consumers who want various choices and real-time energy price. The two-way information exchange platform for electricity consumers provides the infrastructure to transform today's ESP(Energy Service Provider)-centered power system operation into consumer-oriented operation. It enables(More)
In this paper, we propose a recognition technique of electric poles and wires which are drawn on a power distribution facility map. The map represents power supply facilities from substation to consumer. Proposed technique is based on circularity and connectivity, and consists of four phases. At first, we extract a power distribution facility area from(More)
– The customer load profile clustering method is used to make the TDLP (Typical Daily Load Profile) to estimate the quarter hourly load profile of non-AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) customers. This study examines how the repeated clustering method improves the ability to discriminate among the TDLPs of each cluster. The k-means algorithm is a well-known(More)