Jae Joon Ahn

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This study considers real estate appraisal forecasting problem. While there is a great deal of literature about use of artificial intelligence and multiple linear regression for the problem, there has been always controversy about which one performs better. Noting that this controversy is due to difficulty finding proper predictor variables in real estate(More)
This paper is mainly concerned about intelligent forecasting for financial time series subject to structural changes. For example, it is well known that interest rates are subject to structural changes due to external shocks such as government monetary policy change. Such structural changes usually make prediction harder if they are not properly taken care(More)
Finding proper investment strategies in futures market has been a hot issue to everyone involved in major financial markets around the world. However, it is a very difficult problem because of intrinsic unpredictability of the market. What makes things more complicated is the advent of real-time trading due to recent striking advancement of electronic(More)
Suppose that several forecasters exist for the problem in which class-wise accuracies of forecasting classifiers are important. For such a case, we propose to use a new Bayesian approach for deriving one unique forecaster out of the existing forecasters. Our Bayesian approach links the existing forecasting classifiers via class-based optimization by the aid(More)
For groundwater conservation and management, it is important to accurately assess groundwater pollution vulnerability. This study proposed an integrated model using ridge regression and a genetic algorithm (GA) to effectively select the major hydro-geological parameters influencing groundwater pollution vulnerability in an aquifer. The GA-Ridge regression(More)