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Generally, Asians tend to have obese calves that are shorter and thicker than those of Caucasians. The cause of the enlarged calves is either an excess of subcutaneous fat or calf muscular hypertrophy, but some patients have both conditions. These features are accentuated by the contraction of the calf muscles when patients stand in tiptoe position or wear(More)
Palatal fractures have previously been classified according to the anatomic location of the fracture line, which is helpful for understanding the types of palatal fracture, but which is insufficient for helping the surgeon to decide which fracture to open and how to do so. The purpose of this study was to aid in the establishment of a precise treatment plan(More)
There are many methods for the correction of cicatricial lagophthalmos. Skin and soft tissue should be used to reconstruct the defect after release of tension. We used a very small orbicularis oculi muscle pedicled skin flap for the correction of mild to moderate degrees of cicatricial lagophthalmos in six cases. A small skin island flap from near the skin(More)
  • Jin Seok Park, Joong Hyuk Yim, +5 authors Won Joune Yoon
  • 2013
Although IMF incision is known the best way for anatomic implant, most Korean doctors and patients hesitate IMF incision. Anatomic form stable implants have some benefits such as less prominent upper pole, less wrinkles and ripples, and less rupture rate than round cohesive type I implants. However more concern is necessory for placing the anatomic(More)
The most common and striking feature of the bilateral cleft lip nose deformities is a short columella. This problem can be resolved by lengthening the columella. In this article the authors lengthen the columella using the interdigitation of triangular flaps in the upper lip tissue. The columellar elongation is made by an advancement of nostril tissue and(More)
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