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Many researchers have analyzed e-government literature as a whole or a specific area to focus on statistical methodologies, lessons learnt, or problem related to the area. However, no investigation from socio-technical perspective on e-government issues, in developing countries (DCs), has been carried out. Utilizing scientometrics approach, we analyzed and(More)
This paper investigates the dynamic evolution profiles of science and technology knowledge production in Brazil and the Republic of Korea from 2000 to 2009. The two countries have followed different models of publication profiles, bioenvironmental model and Japanese model, and they currently belong to periphery countries in terms of the center-periphery(More)
One of the prominent challenges of e-government identified in developing countries is low level of ICT literacy and skills of e-government users. For those countries at the nascent stage of e-government development , it is crucial to identify and provide e-skills needed from the demand side. However, prior research has mostly focused on the supply side of(More)
Green supply chain management (GSCM) enhances a firm's competitiveness for sustainable growth. GSCM is especially important in the construction industry, a project-based business that often results in heavy environmental pollution. For the successful implementation of GSCM in the construction industry to occur, contractors should make the best use of(More)
Cloud computing has been growing at a fast pace. This growth has been fueled by this technology's inherent benefits such as cost reduction and convenience. However , the increasing amount and variety of data processed on the cloud have raised the number of security breaches. Although cloud providers were responsible for data security in the past, the new(More)