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  • Ajay Yadav, Saurabh Khandelwalb, +20 authors P. Galbiati
  • 2014
This paper address a low power, high speed class AB buffer amplifier topology for liquid crystal display applications which offer a rail to rail common mode input range. The presented circuit use two comparator circuit inside it to enhance the slewing capabilities with a limited power consumption and it draw a very small quiescent current during static(More)
The waiting time to form a crystal in a unit volume of homogeneous undercooled liquid exhibits a pronounced minimum τX* at a 'nose temperature' T(*) located between the glass transition temperature Tg, and the crystal melting temperature, TL. Turnbull argued that τX* should increase rapidly with the dimensionless ratio trg=Tg/TL. Angell introduced a(More)
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