Jae-Hyun Yeom

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This paper proposes a paraboloidal reflector-based integrated antenna-source (IAS) system for increasing the strength of radiated electric fields in ultrawideband (UWB) pulses. With the transient analysis of a paraboloidal structure, the reflector for an omnidirectional radiation source is designed. The paraboloidal reflector-based IAS system is(More)
In this paper, electromagnetic scattering problems are analyzed using an electric field integral equation (EFIE) formulation that is based on loop-star basis functions so as to avoid low-frequency instability problems. Moreover, to improve the convergence rate of iterative methods, a block matrix preconditioner (BMP) is applied to the EFIE formulation based(More)
A paraboloidal reflector antenna is useful for enhancing the directivity of a feed antenna with a low directivity. In this letter, we investigate a paraboloidal reflector antenna that has an ultrawideband (UWB) omnidirectional radiative source as the focal feed. To obtain the optimized focal length f for a given diameter D of the paraboloidal reflector(More)
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