Jae Hyun Baek

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The paper proposes a fast Fourier transform (FFT) architecture to satisfy both small area and high speed. The proposed architecture uses the mixed-radix algorithm based on the radix-4 and radix-2 algorithms and the memory bank structure for high speed real-time processing. To satisfy the small area requirement, it uses an inplace memory strategy that stores(More)
This paper proposes an enhanced degree Among these blocks, the key equation solver block requires computationless modified Euclid's (E-DCME) algorithm the highest hardware complexity and many clock cycles to for Reed-Solomon decoder. The critical path delay of the obtain the error locator and the error value polynomials. The proposed E-DCME algorithm(More)
As a contribution to IEEE P1363a, we propose a provably secure digital signature algorithm called the Korean Certiicate-based Digital Signature Algorithm (KCDSA, in short) and its elliptic curve variant (EC-KCDSA). We believe that the proposed signature schemes are more advantageous than DSA/EC-DSA in both security and ee-ciency. No patent related with(More)