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In this study, we developed an automated behavior analysis system using infrared (IR) motion sensors to assist the independent living of the elderly who live alone and to improve the efficiency of their healthcare. An IR motion-sensor-based activity-monitoring system was installed in the houses of the elderly subjects to collect motion signals and three(More)
We evaluated the performance of a bed-type sensor system using the air-mattress with balancing tube (AMBT) method to noninvasively monitor the signals of heartbeat, respiration, and events of snoring, sleep apnea and body movement of subject on the system. The proposed system consists of multiple cylindrical air cells, two sensor cells and 18 support cells,(More)
A photoplethysmography (PPG) signal provides very useful information about a subject's hemodynamic status in a hospital or ubiquitous environment. However, PPG is very vulnerable to motion artifacts, which can significantly distort the information belonging to the PPG signal itself. Thus, the reduction of the effects of motion artifacts is an important(More)
With the increase of the number of the blind, demand for visual prosthesis is increasing. Text reading is one of the most important visual functions to the blind. Therefore human trials and simulations of prosthetic vision have already been carried out for testing an improved system or studying rehabilitation of people who implant prosthesis. But although(More)
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