Jae-Hyeong Kim

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Smartphones are not just phones but also portable computers, providing diverse services needed in life including calls, texts, emails, GPS, camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth apps. These apps keep and manage diverse intrinsic data as well as sensitive private information such as address books. Smartphones enable swift and easy data exchange via 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.(More)
In a previous study, hydrolysates of porcine placenta were obtained and the extraction efficiency for proteins and amino acids was compared between sub- and super-critical water extraction systems; optimum efficiency was found to be achieved using subcritical water (170℃, 10 bar). In this study, the effects of adding ethanol to the subcritical water system(More)
Super- and sub-critical water treatments have been of interest as novel methods for protein hydrolysis. In the present study, we studied the effect of sub-critical water (Sub-H2O, 300℃, 80 bar) treatment as well as super-critical water (Super-H2O, 400℃, 280 bar) treatment on the physicochemical properties of porcine skin (PS), which has abundant collagen.(More)
The effects of low molecular-weight collagen peptides derived from porcine skin were investigated on the physicochemical and sensorial properties of chocolate ice cream. Collagen peptides less than 1 kDa in weight were obtained by sub-critical water hydrolysis at a temperature of 300℃ and a pressure of 80 bar. Ice cream was then prepared with gelatin powder(More)
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