Jae Hwan Ryu

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The R3V6 peptides, which are composed of a 3-arginine block and a 6-valine block, formed self-assembled micelles in aqueous solution. Dye quenching assays showed that a hydrophobic fluorescent dye, 5-dodecanoylaminofluorescein (DAF), interacted with and was loaded into the hydrophobic core of the micelles. In this study, dexamethasone-loaded R3V6 peptide(More)
Polyamidoamine (PAM) dendrimers with low generation such as PAM generation 1 (PAMG1) and PAM generation 2 (PAMG2) have been widely used as a gene carrier due to low toxicity, albeit their low transfection efficiency. In this study, dexamethasone was conjugated to PAMG1 and PAMG2 in order to increase the transfection efficiency. In a gel retardation assay,(More)
PURPOSE Atherosclerosis is characterized by the progressive deposition of lipids and inflammatory process. We attempted to develop a chemically-induced hyperlipidemic mice model, using poloxamer-407 and evaluated the lipid lowering and anti-inflammatory effect of P. notoginseng compared with that of atorvastatin, an antihyperlipidemic drug. MATERIALS AND(More)
An efficient and safe delivery carrier is required for the therapeutic application of siRNA. In this research, amphiphilic peptides with arginine and valine residues were evaluated as siRNA carriers. The peptides were composed of 1-4 arginine-blocks and 6 valine-blocks. In the aqueous solution, the arginine-valine peptides (RV peptides) formed micelles with(More)
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