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The relationship between civil aircraft noise and community annoyance in Korea
Abstract Studies of community annoyance caused by civil aircraft noise exposure were carried out in 18 areas around Gimpo and Gimhae international airports in order to accumulate social survey dataExpand
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Review of nanocellulose for sustainable future materials
Cellulose, the chain of glucose residues easily obtained from nature, is the most common natural polymer. Owing to its own unique material properties, compared to the conventional usage,Expand
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Adjusting Choice Models to Better Predict Market Behavior
The emergence of Bayesian methodology has facilitated respondent-level conjoint models, and deriving utilities from choice experiments has become very popular among those modeling product lineExpand
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Tea extracts differentially inhibit Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus biofilm colonization depending on the steeping temperature
Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the effects of tea extracts on oral biofilm colonization depending on steeping temperature. S. mutans and S. sobrinus were cultured and treated with green orExpand
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A simplified and accurate detection of the genetically modified wheat MON71800 with one calibrator plasmid.
With the increasing number of genetically modified (GM) events, unauthorized GMO releases into the food market have increased dramatically, and many countries have developed detection tools for them.Expand
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The influence of binaural effects on annoyance for transportation noise
A laboratory study was conducted to identify the significance of the binaural effect on annoyance by transportation noise. There were 377 participants (240 male and 137 female). Every participantExpand
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Phylogenetic Analysis of Korean Black Cattle Based on the Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene
The purpose of this study was to identify genetic polymorphisms of the mitochondrial cytochrome b (mtDNA cyt b) gene in Korean black (KB) cattle breed and to analyze the genetic relationship betweenExpand
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Effects of Microbes from Coal-Related Commercial Humic Substances on Hydroponic Crop Cultivation: A Microbiological View for Agronomical Use of Humic Substances.
Here, coal-related humic substances (HSs) were examined to confirm whether sterilization treatments induce their inferior ability to stimulate lettuce in hydroponic cultivations. Interestingly, aExpand
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Wafer-induced reading error in metal sputtering process
For higher density devices electric performances have been focused more than the others. In the case of metal sputtering process some of machine makes local asymmetric deposition across the wafer. InExpand
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