Jae-Hoon Park

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Galvanic replacement reactions provide a simple and versatile route for producing hollow nanostructures with controllable pore structures and compositions. However, these reactions have previously been limited to the chemical transformation of metallic nanostructures. We demonstrated galvanic replacement reactions in metal oxide nanocrystals as well. When(More)
In this paper, we proposed an algorithm for adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) using the variable step size least mean square (VSSLMS) in real-time automobile environment. As a basic algorithm for ANC, the LMS algorithm has been used for its simplicity. However, the LMS algorithm has problems of both convergence speed and estimation accuracy in real-time(More)
An adaptive system is a well-known method for removing noise from noise-corrupted speech. The problem arises in many situations such as airplane cockpits and automobiles. The variable step size normalized least mean squares (VSS-NLMS) algorithm incorporating a variable step size parameter whose values are based on the ratio of signal-to-noise power has very(More)
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