Jae Hoon Bang

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This paper proposes a microfluidic device for the on-chip differentiation of an embryoid body (EB) formed in a microwell via 3-dimensional cultures of mouse embryonic carcinoma (EC) cells. The device adjusted the size of the EB by fluid volume, differentiated the EB by chemical treatment, and evaluated its effects in EC cells by on-chip immunostaining. A(More)
This paper proposes a new cytotoxicity assay in a microfluidic device with microwells and a distributive microfluidic channel network for the formation of cancer cell spheroids. The assay can generate rapid and uniform cell clusters in microwells and test in situ cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs including sequential drug treatments, long term culture of(More)
We obtained extremely high and selective sensitivity to NO2 gas by fabricating graphene-SnO2 nanocomposites using a commercial microwave oven. Structural characterization revealed that the products corresponded to agglomerated structures of graphene and SnO2 particles, with small secondary SnOx (x ≤ 2) nanoparticles deposited on the surfaces. The overall(More)
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