Jae Hong Yoo

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CoMed is a prototype of a real-time collaborative medicine system that allows medical specialists to share patient records and to communicate with each other on the Internet. CoMed consists of a multimedia medical database containing relevant information about laryngeal diseases and a real-time collaboration system including a teleconferencing system, a(More)
Brown syndrome is known as limited elevation of the affected eye during adduction. It is caused by a disorder of the superior oblique tendon, which makes it difficult for the eyeball to look upward, especially during adduction. It is classified into congenital true sheath Brown syndrome and acquired simulated Brown syndrome. Acquired simulated Brown(More)
Major maxillofacial bone injury itself can be life threatening from both cardiovascular point of view, as well as airway obstruction. Significant hemorrhage from facial fracture is an uncommon occurrence, and there is little in the literature to guide the management of these patients. We report a 73-year-old male driver who was transported to our hospital(More)
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