Jae Hong Seu

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A fibrinolytic enzyme, designated as brevinase, was purified from the venom of Korean snake, Agkistrodon blomhoffii brevicaudus. Brevinase cleaved both the Aalpha- and Bbeta-chains of fibrinogen but did not affect the gamma-chain. It showed beta-fibrinogenase activity devoid of fibrinogen clotting and caseinolytic activity. The fibrinolytic activity was(More)
A 12.5-year-old girl with diabetes mellitus type 1 presented with stunted growth and an increase in body weight. Also, her blood-sugar levels were difficult to manage. An adrenocorticotropin-(ACTH)-independent form of Cushing's syndrome was diagnosed. During the dexamethasone-suppression test, a paradoxical increase in urinary-free cortisol excretion was(More)
By using radiolabeled murine cyclin D3 cDNA as a probe, two cyclin D3 genomic clones, MCD3P-117 and MCD3P-327, were isolated from a murine genomic library constructed with murine liver DNA. Physical mapping and DNA sequence analysis revealed that these clones contain approximately 1.5 kb uninterrupted linear sequence similar to murine cyclin D3 cDNA,(More)
The mechanism for apoptosis induced by aburatubolactam C was investigated in human Jurkat T cells. When the cells were treated with 3 micrograms/ml of aburatubolactam C, apoptotic DNA fragmentation was first detectable in 3 hr and then increased time-dependently in accordance with upregulation in the protein level of Fas ligand (FasL). Both the DNA(More)
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