Jae Heon Yun

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We first study convergence of both the relaxed multisplitting method and the relaxed (nonstationary) two-stage multisplitting method using incomplete factorizations for solving a linear system whose coefficient matrix is a large sparse symmetric positive definite matrix. We next study a parallel implementation of the relaxed two-stage multisplitting method(More)
This paper considers four parallel Cholesky factorization algorithms, including SPOTRF from the February 1992 release of LAPACK, each of which call parallel Level 2 or 3 BLAS, or both. A fifth parallel Cholesky algorithm that calls serial Level 3 BLAS is also described. The efficiency of these five algorithms on the CRAY-2, CRAY Y-MP/832, Hitachi Data(More)
In this paper, we first introduce two one-parameter relaxation (OPR) iterative methods for solving singular saddle point problems whose semi-convergence rate can be accelerated by using scaled preconditioners. Next we present formulas for finding their optimal parameters which yield the best semi-convergence rate. Lastly, numerical experiments are provided(More)