Jae-Heon Shin

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As the aperture size of oxide-apertured vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) shrinks, the lasing wavelength blueshifts. We have calculated this effect using both a scalar effective index model and a full-vector weighted index model. Results were compared against experimental data for two different VCSEL designs emitting near 780 and 850 nm. We(More)
We report very narrow and equally spaced eight-channel multiple-wavelength vertical-cavity emitter arrays emitting from 855 to 862 nm with the average spacing of 0.91 nm. For the postgrowth wavelength adjustment, a binary-coded multistep ion beam etching technique is applied to control the thickness of a SiN/sub x/ tuning layer located on the first Al/sub(More)
We report the photo-pumped lasing action from a very small oxide-confined 870-nm vertical microcavity lasers with high-contrast AlGaAs-Al/sub x/O/sub y/ mirrors. The effective cavity length is as small as 0.37 /spl mu/m, and the oxide aperture size is 0.73 /spl mu/m, estimated from the blue-shift of lasing mode due to the lateral confinement. The observed(More)
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