Jae Heon Chung

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In this paper, a collision detection and identification method of a manipulator, using base and wrist force/torque sensors, is presented. An impact model is used to simulate the interaction between the manipulator and the human or environment. A neural network approach and a model based method are developed to detect the collision forces and disturbance(More)
This paper deals with a new 3-degree-of-freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism for a flat-panel TV mounting device with two rotations and one translation. The most important operational requirements of this device are that it should support the heavy weight of the flat-panel TV and should be foldable to save space between the flat panel and the wall. An(More)
Much attention has not been paid to analysis of the open-loop stability for gravity counter-balancing of parallel mechanisms or closed-chain mechanisms. The open-loop stability is crucial especially in passively counter-balanced mechanisms where no actuators are involved. Passive hands-on device is such an example. A general stiffness model is derived for(More)