Jae-Hak Lim

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The estimation of product reliability has attracted worldwide attention during the past several decades. The estimation procedure usually begins with parameter estimation based on test data. When there is no failure occurring in tests, traditional approaches like Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) cannot be applied to estimate parameters. When product(More)
This paper studies the optimal periodic PM policies of a second-hand item following the expiration of warranty. The criterion used to determine the optimality of the PM is the expected maintenance cost rate per unit time from the customer's perspective. The periodic PM of the item starts right after the warranty is expired and all maintenance costs are paid(More)
Preventive maintenance is required for many important systems as failure occurrence results in great loss. Therefore, a sequential preventive maintenance decision procedure is proposed to maintain the hazard rate below the predefined level. A scheduled replacement with lower cost than failure replacement is required after several preventive maintenance(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of determining the confidence level in zero-failure reliability sampling plans when the life distribution is the Weibull distribution with a shape parameter m and a scale parameter η. We introduce zero-failure reliability sampling plans for the Weibull distribution and investigate some characteristics of(More)
Reliability is achieved throughout product development process including development and manufacturing stages. Little progress has been made in the identification of the relationship between product reliability indices and its quality characteristics, which is essential for the control of the product reliability in manufacturing stage. In this paper, we(More)
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