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The possibility of performing spintronics at the molecular level may be realized in devices that combine fully spin polarized oxides, such as manganites with carbon nanotubes. However, it is not clear whether electrical transport between such different material systems is viable. Here, we show that the room-temperature conductance of(More)
Nanoelectromechanical (NEM) devices were developed for memory. The concept of a switch unit employing carbon nanotubes (CNT) was extended to random access memory (RAM). The unique vertical structure of these nanotubes allows a high integration density for devices. The easy fabrication process can give a high yield and reliability to device
A wireless thin film transistor (TFT) structure in which a source/drain or a gate is connected directly to a micro antenna to receive or transmit signals or power can be an important building block, acting as an electrical switch, a rectifier or an amplifier, for various electronics as well as microelectronics, since it allows simple connection with other(More)
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