Jae Doug Yoo

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Digital reconstruction and exhibition of cultural heritages have been actively explored in recent years due to the advancement of AR techniques and the development of software and hardware of camera and projector systems. In addition, realistic representation of material appearance is greatly improved by the advancement in computer graphics research. For(More)
Although high performance scanners and design tools are rapidly developed, users still suffer from generating desired 3D contents. Furthermore, it requires advanced skills of design tools and considerable times to produce a satisfactory result. Recently, being motivated by these shortcomings of 3D content generation, various approaches have been studied to(More)
Consistent illumination plays very important role in efficient integration of virtual objects into real world scene. Real time photometric registration requires efficient detection and segmentation of the brighter regions in an image to provide better light source detection and thus efficient illumination of virtual objects is possible. The paper presents a(More)
Many researchers have shown interest in the realistic rendering of a human face since it is crucial to the success of many applications in computer graphics, games and animation. However, it is difficult to represent the realistic appearance of a facial skin since it has complex physical properties and its appearance tends to vary as the situation changes.(More)
To achieve seamless integration of the real scene with virtual objects, we need to obtain accurate illumination condition of the real scene. Using HDRI(High Dynamic Range Image) we can acquire and control real world illumination information. There are various intensity levels of light sources in a HDRI; some regions are very bright and others are not.(More)
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