Jae Choong Han

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—A joint carrier frequency synchronization and channel estimation scheme is proposed for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) system. In the proposed scheme, carrier frequency synchronization and channel estimation are performed iteratively via the expectation–maximization (EM) algorithm using an OFDM preamble symbol. Moreover, we analytically(More)
Spectral analysis along with zero and standard-phase shift digital filtering were performed on evoked potentials recorded from 12 normal hearing subjects. The results indicated a progressive shifting of the mean spectral content of the ABR toward the low frequencies as the stimulus intensity was lowered. Despite this, the effects of zero-phase shift(More)
Early blight, caused by Alternaria solani, is a foliar disease of cultivated tomatoes, affecting both tomato yield and quality. Boscalid was first introduced to China in 2008 to control tomato early blight. However, knowledge on the sensitivity of A. solani to boscalid is lacking after 5 years of field application. In this study, 100 A. solani isolates were(More)
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