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Currently, endoscopic endonasal reduction and transcaruncular reduction are frequently used as surgical treatments for medial orbital wall fractures. However, these 2 surgical techniques have not been comprehensively compared using objective criteria. Therefore, the results of these 2 techniques were compared retrospectively using 8 objective criteria in(More)
With firms facing intense rivalry, globalization, and time-to-market pressures, the need for organizational agility assumes greater importance. One of the primary vehicles for achieving organizational agility is the use of agile information systems [IS] and the close alignment of information technologies [IT] with business. However, IS is often viewed as an(More)
BACKGROUND Free flap surgery for head and neck defects has gained popularity as an advanced microvascular surgical technique. The aims of this study are first, to determine whether the known risk factors such as comorbidity, tobacco use, obesity, and radiation increase the complications of a free flap transfer, and second, to identify the incidence of(More)
Audio watermarking techniques can be used not only as a copyright protect system but also as a short-range wireless data transmission system between a loudspeaker and a microphone. To send data through aerial space using acoustic signal, the length of frequency analysis window should be longer than the reverberation time, which, however, can degrade the(More)
After skin grafting, to prevent hematoma or seroma collection at the graft site, a tie-over dressing has been commonly used. However, although the conventional tie-over dressing by suture is a useful method for securing a graft site, refixation is difficult when repeated tie-over dressing is needed. Therefore, we recommend a redoable tie-over dressing(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this phase II study was to assess the clinical antitumor activity and toxicities of docetaxel and cisplatin chemotherapy, in patients with locally advanced and metastatic, recurrent squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN). MATERIALS AND METHODS All eligible patients with locally advanced and metastatic, recurrent(More)
Figure 2: This elliptical ring map displays one month of data for 12 demographic variables in each ZIP Code in Washington, D.C. Document files, tables, and charts can summarize complex data, but they can be hard to read and interpret. However, a GIS-based map known as a ring map can help overcome this problem for location-specific data. A ring map is a map(More)