Jae-Chern Yoo

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Security is a fundamental issue for promising applications in a VANET. Designing a secure protocol for a VANET that accommodates efficiency, privacy, and traceability is difficult because of the contradictions between these qualities. In this paper, we present a secure yet efficient protocol for a VANET that satisfies these security requirements. Although(More)
We report a fully automated DNA purification platform with a micropored membrane in the channel utilizing centrifugal microfluidics on a lab-on-a-disc (LOD). The microfluidic flow in the LOD, into which the reagents are injected for DNA purification, is controlled by a single motor and laser burst valve. The sample and reagents pass successively through the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t A new fast algorithm for the computation of the normalized cross-correlation (NCC) is presented. For a search window of size M and a template of size N, our fast NCC requires only approximately 3N ·(M − N +1) additions/subtractions without multiplications. Numerical results with 100,000 test signals show that the use of(More)
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