Jae-Cheon Lee

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A Digital TV system is necessary for not only video and audio, but also data processing. Especially in the case of bidirectional broadcasting, it should manage the return channel created by the Internet, PSTN, and so on. Because of many functionalities and multitasking jobs, it needs an Operating System. Embedded Linux, as open source program can increase(More)
Gerotor pump is a special kind of internal rotary pump, which contains a trochoid profile (commonly called as cycloid). Generation of trochoid is normally realized by external rolling method, namely a circle rotating on a fixed circle without slipping. This paper proposes derivative process of the trochoid profile by means of internal rolling method, which(More)
Pneumatic Active Engine Mount (PAEM) with trans-forward control system has been developed to reduce the transmission of the idle-shake vibration induced by engine effectively and economically. A solenoid valve installed between PAEM and vacuum tank is on-off switched by the pulse width modulate (PWM) control signal to decrease the dynamic stiffness of the(More)
In this paper we present and analyze a full-digital decision-directed symbol timing recovery circuit based on the double-sampling maximumlikelihood estimator. Intended for the ATSC digital TV system, the proposed scheme works independently of the segment synchronization by extracting timing information from the randomized data symbols even in the extremely(More)
The state of road changes quite often due to the automobiles and pedestrians when the main driving unit controls the unmanned autonomous vehicle along the planned path. The vehicle acknowledges of whether there are obstacles on the driving path using a sensor array and creates the new driving path and adaptively updates route to control the vehicle. This(More)
Electrohydraulic servo system has been widely utilized in various industries. However, robust adaptive control logic is quite necessary for the electrohydraulic servo to be used in wide operation range because of its complex and nonlinear characteristics with time-varying parameters. This study developed a self-turning regulator (STR) as a nonlinear(More)
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