Jae Cheol Son

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In the article an application of the fuzzy testing of hypothesis to the stochastic-signal detection problem is considered when the signal-to-noise ratio approaches zero. We first obtain the general reManuscript received March 13, 1992; revised February 1 1 , 1993. This work was supported by the Science and Engineering Foundation of Korea (KOSEF) under Grant(More)
| This paper presents an architectural simulator called VIDEOFLOW software tools for developing programmable DSP chip set for various video codec standards. This DSP chip set consists of the Image Compression Coprocessor (ICC) and Motion Estimation Coprocessor (MEC), which provide an easy solution for implementing the major digital video codec algorithms.(More)
Abstract—A novel high-speed single-ended D flip-flop based on a SR(set/reset)-type latch is presented in this paper. The SR-type latch is adapted to implement a dynamic stage for high-speed operation and modified to add a scan mux without setup time degradation on a data path. The proposed flip-flop enables to achieve the high-speed operation having the(More)
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