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Template-driven strategy has been widely used to synthesize inorganic nano/micro materials. Here, we used a bottom-up controlled synthesis route to develop a powerful solution-based method of fabricating three-dimensional (3D), hierarchical, porous-Co3O4 superstructures that exhibit the morphology of flower-like microspheres (hereafter, RT-Co3O4). The(More)
We demonstrate a new design of Ge-based electrodes comprising three-dimensional (3-D) spherical microflowers containing crystalline nanorod networks on sturdy 1-D nanostems directly grown on a metallic current collector by facile thermal evaporation. The Ge nanorod networks were observed to self-replicate their tetrahedron structures and form a diamond(More)
Vanadium(IV) dioxide (VO2) has drawn attention as one of the most attractive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), hence, much research has been conducted in various sectors in this field. However, to date, most of this research has focused on the VO2(B) polymorph, whereas electrochemical information on the use of VO2(M) in LIB electrodes is(More)
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