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Rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells have been used to investigate neurite outgrowth. Nerve growth factor (NGF) has been well known to induce neurite outgrowth from PC12 cells. RhoA belongs to Ras-related small GTP-binding proteins, which regulate a variety of cellular processes, including cell morphology alteration, actin dynamics, and cell migration. NGF(More)
  • Jae B Park
  • 2007
Caffedymine (N-caffeoyldopamine) is a clovamide-type phenylpropenoic acid amide found in plants. Previous studies indicate that caffedymine inhibits P-selectin expression via increasing cAMP through beta-2 adrenoceptors, but the inhibition was only partially repressed by beta-2 adrenoceptor antagonists, suggesting additional mechanisms underlying the(More)
Recent studies suggest that Sirt inhibition may have beneficial effects on several human diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Coffee is one of most popular beverages with several positive health effects. Therefore, in this paper, potential Sirt inhibitors were screened using coffee extract. First, HPLC was utilized to fractionate coffee(More)
  • J B Park
  • 2008
Serotomide (trans-N-caffeoylserotonin) and safflomide (trans-N-caffeoyltryptamine) belong to serotonin-derived phenylpropenoid amides found in plants. In this paper, serotomide and safflomide were investigated to determine their effects on serotonin receptor 5-HT1 in the renal epithelial (OK) cells, due to their structural similarity to 5-HT1 receptor(More)
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