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Nodular fasciitis is a benign, reactive myofibroblastic tumor that is often mistaken for a sarcoma because of its histological appearance and rapid growth. Involvement of a finger is extremely rare. We report a case of nodular fasciitis of the thumb, accompanied by bone erosion. Magnetic resonance findings suggested the possibility of a malignancy, which(More)
INTRODUCTION A glomus tumor is a rare, benign tumor with atypical clinical symptoms. Because of its small size, it is difficult to diagnose and treat early; therefore, it leads to poor quality of life. Glomus tumors are known to commonly affect the hand and rarely manifest in other areas. Because they simulate neuromas, hemangiomas, and neurofibromatosis,(More)
INTRODUCTION Fibrous dysplasia is one of many well-known disorders in which there is a defect in the remodeling process of immature bone to mature into lamellar bone, and it often exists in metaphyseal and diaphyseal parts of the long bone. In this report, we describe a rare case where fibrous dysplasia was found only in the proximal part of the epiphysis(More)
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