Jadvyga Petrauskiene

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This article describes the second phase of a large study of Lithuanian dentists' health, and focuses on self-reported physical health complaints, general health state and associations between the two. In 2006, a postal questionnaire survey of all (N=2,449) licensed dentists registered with the Lithuanian Dental Association was conducted, obtaining a(More)
BACKGROUND In Lithuania, suicides are a grave public health problem, requiring more extensive investigation. The aim of the study was to assess the seasonal variations of suicides in Lithuania throughout the years 1993-2002, describing patterns by gender, age and method of suicide. METHODS The study material consisted of all registered suicides (n =(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study is a next step of our previous, initial, publications--to explore the links between monthly death number (total, and for the major death causes and each gender) with levels of monthly cosmophysical activity in a long-term, big cohort observation. METHODS Death number during 180 consecutive months from the National Registry(More)
BACKGROUND During the early 1990s the countries of the Former Soviet Union experienced a dramatic rise in mortality, especially from cardiovascular diseases. Although still poorly understood there is evidence, particularly from Russia, that this mortality crisis is partly linked to alcohol consumption. In this paper we use data from Lithuania to explore the(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of this study was to evaluate the level of overall job satisfaction among Lithuanian dentists, to explore the satisfaction with different work environmental factors and relate it to overall job satisfaction. MATERIAL AND METHODS All (N=2449) Lithuanian Dental Chamber members were sent a questionnaire. It comprised a 5-point Likert(More)
The aim of this study was to document dentists' self-perceived mental health complaints and job satisfaction, and to assess any correlations between the two. A postal questionnaire survey was mailed to all (N=2,449) licensed dentists registered with the Lithuanian Dental Association. The questionnaire investigated dentists' mental health and job(More)
In year 2001 a paper in the ANAS considered links between month of birth and longevity. In the following years we published four papers related to " big killers " (cardiac and oncology) that showed some differences in birth months distribution of this group and studied by LA, NS Gavri-lov's centenarians. The aim of this study was to study conception and(More)
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