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Until recently, Croatian scientific journals were accessible only in print form and only to a relatively small audience. A national online journals platform was therefore planned to offer publishers a simple tool for building online versions of their journals and to make them open access (OA). The platform, named Hrčak, was launched in 2006, and its(More)
INTRODUCTION Even a brief perusal of the following pages describing the results, achievements and discoveries during 2004 instils a sense of pride in the progress of scientific work at the Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI). We find there experimental and theoretical works on the properties of the smallest constituents of matter or studies of the structures on(More)
The Croatian Scientific Bibliography - CROSBI is a bibliography web site that stores information about scientific papers published in Croatia in the last 15 years. At the present, CROSBI consists of over 400,000 records and is daily accessed and updated by a large number of researchers. As the appearance and purpose of database (and hence its structure)(More)
Welcome to the Ruđer Bošković Institute Annual report 2005. The report presents selected information and examples of the main achievements that illustrate the activity of the RBI in its main areas of work. Rudjer Bošković Institute, as the largest Croatian research institution , occupies a special position in the society, being on one side the most(More)
Summary form only given, as follows. A new learning algorithm is presented for a mapping artificial neural network. The algorithm was discovered during experimentation with backpropagation and counterpropagation networks. The backpropagation network has an excellent way of representing the knowledge, but its learning procedure converges very slowly toward(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of our study was to investigate the extent to which Instructions to authors of the Croatian open access (OA) journals are addressing ethical issues. Do biomedical journals differ from the journals from other disciplines in that respect? Our hypothesis was that biomedical journals maintain much higher publication ethics standards. (More)
The biggest wriggle in developments of libraries is happening in field of libraries' services where existing services are enhanced with new functionalities and completely new services are introduced. In recent years there is a great boom of educational services empowered with new technology. The average user is overloaded with great amount of information(More)