Jadeen Christie

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Starting with the molecular scaffold of the DA(2)/β(2) dual agonist sibenadet (Viozan™), a number of molecular changes were incorporated, which were designed to increase the potency and selectivity of the target molecule, and improve its pharmacokinetics. Through this process a novel, high potency, full β(2)-agonist with high selectivity and long duration(More)
The design and synthesis of a new series of high efficacy β(2)-agonists devoid of the key benzylic alcohol present in previously described highly efficacious β(2)-agonists is reported. A hypothesis for the unprecedented level of efficacy is proposed based on considerations of β(2)-adrenoceptor crystal structure, other biophysical data and modeling studies.
A series of dibasic des-hydroxy β2 receptor agonists has been prepared and evaluated for potential as inhaled ultralong acting bronchodilators. Determination of activities at the human β-adrenoreceptors demonstrated a series of highly potent and selective β2 receptor agonists that were progressed to further study in a guinea pig histamine-induced(More)
The identification of two novel series of formyl peptide receptor 1 (FPR1) antagonists are reported, represented by methionine benzimidazole 6 and diamide 7. Both series specifically inhibited the binding of labelled fMLF to hrFPR1 and selectively antagonized FPR1 function in human neutrophils, making them useful in vitro validation tools for the target.
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