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At vertebrate neuromuscular junctions (NMJs), Agrin plays pivotal roles in synapse development, but molecules that activate synapse formation at central synapses are largely unknown. Members of the Wnt family are well established as morphogens, yet recently they have also been implicated in synapse maturation. Here we demonstrate that the Drosophila Wnt,(More)
BACKGROUND Carcinosarcomas (also known as malignant mixed mullerian tumours) are rare malignant neoplasms that histologically contain both epithelial and stromal components. METHODS AND MATERIALS All cases of carcinosarcoma of the ovary presenting to the Royal Marsden Hospital from January 1975 to August 1993 were retrospectively analysed and the(More)
In the examination of 500 "well" executives, the number of unknown diseases found averaged 5.4 per person. Almost half of these executives had newly detected disease that was potentially significant to their health. Treatment was necessary in more than 47.7 per cent of them. One out of five of the total significant unknown defects found was either a peptic(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether human prostatic carcinoma cells express Class I and/or Class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) determinants and whether they might thus be immune-competent targets for cell-mediated cytotoxicity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Immunohistochemistry, performed both before and after neuraminidase digestion, was employed to(More)
Four patients are presented, who were initially diagnosed and treated for differentiated thyroid carcinoma, but subsequently discovered to have medullary carcinoma. We suggest that tumour histopathology needs to be carefully reviewed in all cases of thyroid cancer, especially those having atypical clinical or pathological features. This should be completed(More)
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