Jade O'Neill

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A new approach to translating between natural language expressions and hypergraph-based semantic knowledge representations is proposed. Language comprehension is formulated in terms of homomor-phisms mapping syntactic parse trees into semantic hypergraphs, and language generation as constraint satisfaction based on constraints derived via applying the(More)
The bridging of the gap between 1) subsymbolic pattern recognition and learning algorithms and 2) symbolic reasoning algorithms , has been a major issue for AI since the early days of the field. One class of approaches involves integrating subsymbolic and symbolic systems , but this raises the question of how to effectively translate between the very(More)
Fishgram, a novel algorithm for recognizing frequent or otherwise interesting sub-hypergraphs in large, heterogeneous hypergraphs, is presented. The algorithm's implementation the OpenCog integrative AGI framework is described, and concrete examples are given showing the patterns it recognizes in OpenCog's hypergraph knowledge store when the OpenCog system(More)
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