Jade Liu

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Studies on voltage-gated K channels such as Shaker have shown that positive charges in the voltage-sensor (S4) can form salt bridges with negative charges in the surrounding transmembrane segments in a state-dependent manner, and different charge pairings can stabilize the channels in closed or open states. The goal of this study is to identify such charge(More)
Cell extraction with cold nonionic detergents or alkaline carbonate prepares an insoluble membrane fraction whose buoyant density permits its flotation in discontinuous sucrose gradients. These lipid "rafts" are implicated in protein sorting and are attractive candidates as platforms that coordinate signal transduction pathways with intracellular(More)
Oligonucleotide microarray analysis uniquely shows that several members of the connexin family of gap junction proteins are expressed by the epithelium during mouse mammary gland development. Connexin 26 (Cx26) is present throughout pregnancy and lactation, is then undetectable shortly after weaning, but reappears during involution. Additionally, Cx30 is(More)
The specific catalytic roles of two groups of DNA polymerase beta active site residues identified from crystal structures were investigated: residues possibly involved in DNA template positioning (Lys280, Asn294, and Glu295) and residues possibly involved in binding the triphosphate moiety of the incoming dNTP (Arg149, Ser180, Arg183, and Ser188). Eight(More)
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