Jada Ingalls

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The effects of feeding rapeseed meals (RSM) containing low (Tower) or high (Target/Turret) levels of glucosinolates on thyroid status, iodine and glucosinolate content of milk and other parameters were studied in dairy cows and young calves. RSM (Tower and Turret) fed to dairy cows at 25% of the grain mixture reduced iodine content of milk. Diets containing(More)
Epitopes that define the immunodominant regions of conformationally complex integral membrane proteins have been difficult to reliably delineate. Here, a high-throughput approach termed shotgun mutagenesis was used to map the binding epitopes of five different monoclonal antibodies targeting the GPCR CCR5. The amino acids, and in some cases the atoms, that(More)
Methods to improve detection of estrus in dairy cows have been studied extensively without wide acceptance of any one method. In the present study, the use of body temperatures and pedometer-monitored activity were evaluated as methods of estrus detection. Twice daily activity levels of 13 lactating cows were monitored using pedometers, and vaginal and ear(More)
Three mature Angus steers fitted with large ruminal cannulas and three Holstein steers each fitted with T-shaped cannulas in the proximal duodenum and reentrant cannulas in the terminal ileum were used to study the effect of moist heat treatment on AA digestion of canola meal in each segment of the digestive tract. Canola meal was treated with moist heat at(More)
A 2-yr study to evaluate the effectiveness of whole sunflower seed as a source of fat was conducted with 18 primiparous and 31 multiparous Holstein cows. The three diets evaluated were a basal diet based on barley (control), a basal diet supplemented with 2.7% tallow, and a basal diet supplemented with 7.1% whole sunflower seeds. The DMI of lactating cows(More)
Tyrosine was administered to lactating cows to determine if the lack of response to canola meal treated with formaldehyde could be due to failure to increase uptake of tyrosine. Disappearance of free tyrosine from nylon bags suspended in the rumen of a fistulated steer was 27.4% after 12 h. Oral administration of tyrosine to sheep increased the free(More)
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