Jad Walters

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The caspase-3 zymogen has essentially zero activity until it is cleaved by initiator caspases during apoptosis. However, a mutation of V266E in the dimer interface activates the protease in the absence of chain cleavage. We show that low concentrations of the pseudo-activated procaspase-3 kill mammalian cells rapidly and, importantly, this protein is not(More)
We describe here the use of several spectroscopies, such as fluorescence emission, circular dichroism, and differential quenching by acrylamide, in examining the equilibrium and kinetic folding of proteins. The first section regarding equilibrium techniques provides practical information for determining the conformational stability of a protein. In(More)
A mutation in the allosteric site of the caspase 3 dimer interface of Val266 to histidine abolishes activity of the enzyme, and models predict that the mutation mimics the action of small molecule allosteric inhibitors by preventing formation of the active site. Mutations were coupled to His266 at two sites in the interface, E124A and Y197C. We present(More)
Interactions between loops 2, 2' and 4, known as the loop bundle, stabilize the active site of caspase-3. Loop 4 (L4) is of particular interest due to its location between the active site and the dimer interface. We have disrupted a salt bridge between K242 and E246 at the base of L4 to determine its role in overall conformational stability and in(More)
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