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Embedded PC applications are growing, driven by their cost, performance and software compatibility. The SoC described in this work is a unique device designed for rapid integration and customization for specific market segments. A rich multi-source IP ecosystem consisting of standardized interfaces, modular and configurable building blocks, enables(More)
The impact of silicon technology scaling trends and the associated technological innovations on RF CMOS device characteristics are examined. The application of novel strained silicon and high-k/metal gate technologies not only benefits digital systems , but significantly improves RF performance. The peak cutoff frequency (f T) doubles from 209 GHz in the 90(More)
Wind power generates electricity from an unlimited source, the wind. This has many benefits including saving the environment because it does not rely on fossil fuels. Also, wind turbines do not require the large areas that conventional power stations require. As wind turbines become increasingly cost effective their use in the national supply grid becomes(More)
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