Jacqui Evans

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Biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids in plants, many bacteria, and microbes relies on the enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate 3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase, a prime target for drugs and herbicides. We have identified the interaction of EPSP synthase with one of its two substrates (shikimate 3-phosphate) and with the widely used herbicide glyphosate by x-ray(More)
Flavonols are plant-specific molecules that are required for pollen germination in maize and petunia. They exist in planta as both the aglycone and glycosyl conjugates. We identified a flavonol 3-O-galactosyltransferase (F3GalTase) that is expressed exclusively in the male gametophyte and controls the formation of a pollen-specific class of glycosylated(More)
OBJECTIVE To review our experience of pediatric vocal fold paralysis (VFP), with particular emphasis on etiological factors, associated airway pathologic conditions, and treatment and prognostic outcomes. DESIGN Retrospective case review of a cohort of patients presenting with VFP. SETTING Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS A consecutive sample of 102(More)
In airway smooth muscle cells ligand binding to the seven-transmembrane endothelin and thrombin receptors stimulates cell growth. Rapid activation of the extracellular regulated kinase 2 and c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase groups of mitogen-activated protein kinases was also observed. The results demonstrate a novel mechanism of seven-transmembrane receptor(More)
Pulmonary hypertension in rats, induced by an injection of monocrotaline, is associated with changes in the wall structure of the pulmonary arterial bed. We have studied the effects of this remodeling on mechanical properties of cylindrical pulmonary artery segments from rats 21 days after monocrotaline (MCT) injection. Resting and active (KCl induced)(More)
We present a retrospective study of 106 patients with branchial cleft and pouch anomalies who presented to the Hospital for Sick Children between 1948 and 1990. The relevant embryology of the branchial apparatus is summarized and a theoretical description of individual anomalies given. Second branchial cleft sinuses were the most common anomalies, and the(More)
Recurrent meningitis in children is not only a potentially life threatening condition, but often involves the child in the trauma of repeated hospital admissions and multiple and invasive investigations to try and find an underlying cause. Symptoms and signs of CSF rhinorrhoea or otorrhoea are infrequent in these patients. Unilateral deafness may be(More)
Histiocytosis-X is an uncommon disease, but is relevant to the otolaryngologist because patients with this malady present with, or ultimately develop, head and neck manifestations. Sixty-two patients with histologically confirmed histiocytosis-X have been examined at the Hospital for Sick Children in London since 1958. Most patients were under 2 years of(More)