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BACKGROUND One of the most recognizable features of psychopathy is the reduced ability to successfully learn and adapt overt behavior. This might be due to deficient processing of error information indicating the need to adapt controlled behavior. METHODS Event-related potentials (ERPs) and behavioral components of error-monitoring processes were(More)
In light of various shortcomings of the traditional nosology of women's sexual disorders for both clinical practice and research, an international multi-disciplinary group has reviewed the evidence for traditional assumptions about women's sexual response. It is apparent that fullfilment of sexual desire is an uncommon reason/incentive for sexual activity(More)
Women with lifelong vaginismus (N=117) were randomly assigned to cognitive-behavioral group therapy, cognitive-behavioral bibliotherapy, or a waiting list. Manualized treatment comprised sexual education, relaxation exercises, gradual exposure, cognitive therapy, and sensate focus therapy. Group therapy consisted of ten 2-hr sessions with 6 to 9(More)
This study examined the influence of distraction on genital and subjective sexual responses of women with (N=20) and without (N=21) sexual problems. Female-produced erotic film fragments were presented to induce sexual response and a vaginal photoplethysmograph was used to measure genital sexual responding. Subjective sexual arousal was assessed in real(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether erectile functioning after termination of sildenafil intake in men with psychogenic ED (erectile dysfunction) can be predicted with psychological measures. METHOD The subjects in a nonrandomized controlled trial were 65 heterosexual men with acquired psychogenic ED, aged 54.2 +/- 11 years. Sildenafil medication was taken as(More)
OBJECTIVE Vaginismus is commonly described as a persistent difficulty in allowing vaginal entry of a penis or other "objects" (e.g., tampons, fingers, speculum). Lifelong vaginismus is diagnosed when a woman has never been able to have intercourse. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of therapist-aided exposure for lifelong vaginismus. (More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the psychometric properties of the Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction (GRISS) in a Dutch population. The participants in this study were 373 heterosexual couples: 305 couples with a sexual problem and 68 student couples (test-retest). Evidence for a 12-factor solution corresponding to the original 12(More)
In the present study we investigated the effect of emotional valence and arousal value of non-erotic visual stimuli on event-related potentials. We also directly compared the effects of erotic and non-erotic stimuli of comparable valence and arousal levels. Sixteen sexually functional heterosexual males rated 150 computer screen pictures, selected from the(More)
The purpose of this exploratory study was to identify clinical similarities and differences in patients with vaginismus and dyspareunia. Thirty patients who were referred to an outpatient clinic for psychosomatic gynecology and sexology, with either of these two diagnoses, were investigated by means of a standardized interview, physical examination and(More)