Jacques Zimmermann

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For control applications aiming accurate positioning and path tracking friction modelling and compensation can be very important, especially when working with small displacements as usual in nano technologies. The paper at hand describes friction identification and friction model application for a linear high-precision ball bearing guide driven by a voice(More)
One of the most crucial tasks in speech processing, whether in the psychological or the technological domain, is the division of the speech continuum into words. Many approaches have been tested to date, yet clear answers as to the foundations of the word recognition in speech are still missing. The present study employs a relatively new technological(More)
The need for n-times continuously differentiable trajectories arises when high speed, high precision control of dynamical systems is intended. Especially in mechanics, dynamical systems are usually limited in speed, acceleration and jerk. This paper introduces a strictly analytical method for generating C<sup>n</sup> trajectories along given points under(More)
We present a dedicated integrated circuit for the simulation of charged particles based on Monte Carlo method. The Monte Carlo method leads to the solution of a particular form of the integro-diierential Boltzmann equation (non-linear charge transport in semiconductors) permitting a direct statistical computation of the simulated particles distribution(More)
This paper examines the question o.f transfering a well ,known Monte Carlo model of a particle in a semiconductor, aimed at microelectronics device simulations, from a software form into a hardware form (wired-up processor). The goal of this action is in the development of new simulation tools useful for education in physics (solid-state, charge transport(More)
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