Jacques Yvon Pelissier

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This study investigated and compared the gait of two patients with spinal muscular atrophy, type II (SMA II) and two patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). These diseases cause a progressive and proximal to distal muscular weakness resulting in the loss of ambulation. The DMD cases had comparable muscle weakness with the SMA II cases on manual(More)
No pain scale is available for stroke patients due to the presence of language or cognitive disorders. However, the Faces Pain Scale (FPS), which was initially developed for children, has been used with success in adults with cognitive impairments. The aim of this study is to test whether the FPS could be used in left or right hemispheric stroke patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Aphasic Depression Rating Scale (ADRS) was developed to detect and measure depression in aphasic patients during the subacute stage of stroke. METHODS Six experts selected an initial sampling of behavioral items from existing depression rating scales. Stroke patients (aphasic and nonaphasic) were assessed with these items by the(More)
Peripheral nerve blockade is one of the therapeutic options for spasticity of various muscles. Percutaneous nerve stimulation allows accurate location of nerves and neurolysis can be performed using intraneural injection of 65% ethanol or 5 to 12% phenol. Spastic contraction of various muscle groups is a common source of pain and disability which prevents(More)
The semiology of the hand after brain damage is really rich. Its clinical evaluation remains quite difficult and must be integrated in the neuro-orthopedic and cognitive context. Deficiency, neuropsychological, analytic and functional status, must be assessed before any surgical decision aiming the improvement of prehension. Neuropsychological evaluation(More)
Thirty patients with active cervico-brachial neuralgia were investigated by detection of the sensory action potential of the nerve, the spinal somaesthetic evoked potential and the cerebral somaesthetic evoked potential. Stimulation is applied to the affected side and symmetrically to the healthy side, at the finger and at the wrist. The digital stimulation(More)
The particular value of clinical, radiological and electromyographical features is compared in 42 patients with motor deficit related to cervicarthrosic myelopathy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The initial onset of the disease was identical (motor deficit and long tracts pathways involvement). Three different groups were identifyed according to the(More)
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