Jacques Virbel

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This paper reports on a multi-faceted study of enumerations involving linguists, psycholinguists and computer scientists. Our first point is that layout must be seen as a combination of lexicosyntactic and visual features, which we call "formatting", rather than restricted to visual features. The article lays down the theoretical bases for a model of text(More)
The occurrence of a right-hemisphere lesion can interfere with pragmatic abilities and particularly with the processing of non-literal speech acts in which the listener has to identify the speaker's intention. The aim of this study was to test RHD subjects' ability to process non-literal speech acts. A chronometric approach to RHD and matched control(More)
Based on previous research in the field of cognitive psychology, highlighting the facilitatory effects of titles on several text-related activities, this paper looks at the extent to which titles reflect text content. An exploratory study of real-life technical documents investigated the content of their Subject lines, which linguistic analyses had led us(More)