Jacques Teghem

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The knapsack problem (KP) and its multidimensional version (MKP) are basic problems in combinatorial optimization. In this paper we consider their multiobjective extension (MOKP and MOMKP), for which the aim is to obtain or to approximate the set of efficient solutions. In a first step, we classify and describe briefly the existing works, that are(More)
Evolutionary algorithms have shown some success in solving multiobjective optimization problems. The methods of fitness assignment are mainly based on the information about the dominance relation between individuals. We propose a Pareto fitness genetic algorithm (PFGA) in which we introduce a modified ranking procedure and a promising way of sharing; a new(More)
We have previously developed an adaptation of the simulated annealing for multi-objective combinatorial optimization (MOCO) problems to construct an approximation of the e$cient set of such problem. In order to deal with large-scale problems, we transform this approach to propose an interactive procedure. The method is tested on the multi-objective knapsack(More)