Jacques Tainmont

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Bonain's liquid, otherwise known as Bonain's mixture or Bonain's solution, is universally known and still in use. How many medicines can say the same after a hundred years? By contrast, Jules Aristide Bonain, a physician from Brittany, remains unknown. We pay a tribute to him in this paper, describing the origins of the famous solution, as well as Bonain's(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe the clinical, histopathologic, and immunohistochemical findings of the second case of an endodermal sinus tumor of the ear. STUDY DESIGN This clinical study is a retrospective case report combined with a literature review. SETTING The patient was treated at the University Erasmus Hospital. INTERVENTION Diagnosis(More)
Doctor Joseph Gensoul (1797-1858) has at least two claims to fame as an ENT physician: he was the first to practise the total resection of the superior maxillary bone, and he described a disease that was later to be known as "Ludwig's angina". In this paper, we try to project an original light on Gensoul by reference to Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880). We also(More)
Freud received treatment from several physicians--including rhinologists, oro-facial surgeons or radiotherapists--for a cancer of the palate. Furthermore, as a consequence of his operation, Freud was required to wear a prosthesis that he probably named "the monster". This paper provides some details about the physicians who cured Freud and looks at the(More)
A royal otitis. The young king of France, Francis II, the eldest son of Henry II and Catherine de Medici, died in Orleans from the effects of the complications of a chronic otitis on 6 December 1560. Based on texts of the time, the paper discusses the nature of the illness, the treatment, and the medical and political entourage of the king.
The King's evil, or scrofula, were the terms used in the past to designate what we now call tuberculous adenitis of the neck. Royalty, including the kings of France, possessed the gift of curing this malady by "Royal Touch". What was the attitude of the physicians towards this miraculous power? There was at least official collusion between the physician and(More)