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Objects and processes of music that would be marked with a markup language need to be demarcated before a markup language can be designed. This paper investigates issues to be considered for the design of an XML-based general music markup language. Most present efforts focus on CWN (Common Western Notation), yet that system addresses only a fraction of the(More)
In this chapter I argue for a shift of paradigm in the field of ICT4D. Since the inception of aid for development in the late 1940s with the introduction of the Marshall Plan, development has been dominated by emphasis on economic development, while development of other human characteristics have been neglected. The standard argument in contemporary ICT4D(More)
To compare the specificity of T1 measurement for the diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma in vivo, two groups of patients with clinically enlarged prostate glands have been imaged. One group comprising 25 patients was imaged at 1.7 MHz the other comprising 51 patients at 3.4 MHz. T1 measurements together with the gross anatomical appearances of the prostate(More)
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