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Real-time estimation and short-term prediction of traffic conditions is one of major concern of traffic managers and ITS-oriented systems. Model-based methods appear now as very promising ways in order to reach this purpose. Such methods are already used in process control (Kalman filtering, Luenberger observers). In the application presented in this paper,(More)
Stability analyses have been widely used to better understand the mechanism of traffic jam formation. In this paper, we consider the impact of cooperative systems (a.k.a. connected vehicles) on traffic dynamics and, more precisely, on flow stability. Cooperative systems are emerging technologies enabling communication between vehicles and/or with the(More)
The probability hypothesis density (PHD) methodology is widely used by the research community for the purposes of multiple object tracking. This problem consists in the recursive state estimation of several targets by using the information coming from an observation process. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the potential of the PHD filters for(More)
UNLABELLED Because of the limited number of projections, the mathematic reconstruction formula of the filtered backprojection (FBP) algorithm may create an artifact that streaks reconstructed images. This artifact can be imperfectly removed by replacing the ramp filter of the FBP with an ad hoc low-pass filter, the cost being the loss of contrast and(More)
Vehicles equipped with varying levels of automation and connection are starting to share the road with conventional vehicles. This provides new opportunities to design and test systems to control the acceleration dynamics of those equipped vehicles in mixed traffic environment contexts, with the global aim to globally reduce traffic congestion and increase(More)
Scarcity of water resource and increasing competition for its use promoted recently the development of advanced control algorithms and SCADA technologies for the automatic management of open-surface hydraulic systems. In order to control hydraulic devices on irrigation canals or rivers, detailed information on the hydraulic state of the system must be(More)
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